Félix Colardelle

Félix Colardelle is a french photographer who followed his studies in brussels’s photography school (ESA le75) and held his bachelor in 2016. He currently lives beetween Marseille and Brussels. His interests are social and documentary photography. He is inspired about humain relationships and different cultures and communities. The photography alows a deep connection with our environnement, so it let us be closer with each subject. It draws the relationships beetween people, environnements and objects. So, Félix is interested about the way of taking pictures and the sens that comes out to share not only an image but all the process that helped to generate it. It becomes a real performance with the photographed subject. He works mostly with large format camera. The rhythm of taking pictures with this camera and its rituels allow him to go slowly, and not hurry the meeting wich makes a mutual confidence. Passionate about the publishing and editorial side of photpography, he spends half of his time working on a book. His most recent work is about the return of a 6 month travel in Middle-East with his large format camera, including a co-realisation with the photographer Maxime De Coster.

Félix Colardelle 
instagram: felix_clrd 

Tel: fr: 0033/7 67 88 65 55 
       be: 0032/4 96 80 96 17

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